D-ecru polissage© method

D-ecrudesign polissage©, a unique polishing method merging handcraft and barrel tank polish

Usually stainless steel products are coated with plating solution or buff polished. Small massive items like automobile parts are polished in a barrel tank with media (polishing stones).

After trying these methods, Yayoi found out that they are not adequate to create what she has imagined. Buff polishing could polish the surface but not the inside of the intricate patterns. Stainless steel plates got damaged in the barrel tank during polishing.

Considering the environment impact, coating with plating solution should be avoid. She spent 2 years to solve these technical problems with the factory team and finally D-ecrudesign polissage© method was developed.

D-ecrudisign manufacturing processes

Combine hand written design data with water gate data, cut out from stainless steel plate using laser. This combination of cutting out reduces end cuts by 25~30%.

The surface of the cut out plates are polished by hands with a sander.

Hand polished plates are put in a cover to prevent from damage, settled in the barrel tank for rough polish for 24 hours, then in the barrel tank for finish polish for 24 hours. The original mixture formula of the media (polishing stones) for each barrel tank enables to polish even the inside of the intricate patterns.

All these polishing process are originally developed to give brilliance and luster to stainless steel plates without coating with plating solution and named D-ecrudesign polissage©.

After the barrel tanks process, remove small media between the patterns by hands.

Then give curves using a wooden mallet on a wooden platform for a three-dimensional finish by handcrafts.