Brand Concept

D-ecrudesign, elegance from upcycled material

D-ecrudesign offers handcrafted table & interior decoration items, accessories, pet items. All the items are made from upcycled stainless steel end cuts and designed with botanical motives by the brand director Yayoi Tokunaga, who also works as a Shippouyaki (cloisonne) artist.

Being enchanted by the beauty of stainless steel end cuts from the production of water gates that her family company is running , Yayoi decided to upcycle these end cuts to prevent from being disposed as scrap. After spending 2 years to develop techniques and production process, launched D-ecrudesign in 2011. D-ecrudesign succeeded to develop “D-ecrudesign polissage©”, a unique and sustainable polishing method which gives brilliance and luster to stainless steel without coating with plating solution. From designing to finished products, most of the production processes are carried out in own factory. The final process of giving curve for a three-dimensional finish is carefully conducted by Yayoi with handcrafts.

End cuts of stainless steel (X5CrNi18-10) used for table and interior decoration items does not contain iron so it does not rust, also it does not peel off since it is not coated with plating solution. Thanks to “D-ecrudesign polissage©”, all the items could be inherited through generations, without loosing beautiful luster. Water gates especially for estuary are made of surgical stainless steel. From these end cuts, Yayoi creates accessories and pet items which contact directly to skin and mouth.

D-ecrudesign proposes an updated style of elegance

As a collector of silverware, Yayoi feels stress that silverware turns black and looses luster, it needs polishing whenever you use. From these experiences, she proposes a new style of decoration updated to modern lifestyle.
With respects for the tradition and the heritage of silverware, adopts practical features of stainless steel such as durability to water and heat, shock resistant, simply-maintained, dishwasher available to create decoration items.

D-ecrudesign items enable to decorate tables and interiors with elegance and gorgeousness. They could also be coordinated perfectly with porcelain and silverware


Giving warmth & tenderness to inorganic stainless steel with Shippouyaki method

Has been raised up in an environment surrounded by mountains and rivers, Yayoi believes that plants are important elements to heal busy daily life. That is why she chooses botanical motives as a main design.

Handwritten designs based on Ginsen Shippou and Kakiwari Shippou method are cut out from stainless steel plate using laser.
After being polished according to “D-ecrudesign polissage©”, the bickering designed plates are curved using a wooden mallet on a wooden platform for a three-dimensional finish which is carefully conducted by Yayoi with handcrafts.

This entire process with Shippouyaki method, enables to express fresh and live plants and flowers bickering under sunshine, and to give warmth and tenderness to inorganic stainless steel which are not attainable with mere punching press.

Brand Director & Designer

Yayoi Tokunaga

Born and raised up in Tokyo, Japan.
After studied under Yasuko Nagabayashi, famous for creating Himaku Shippou method, started the career of Shippouyaki (cloisonne) artist, became a regular member of Japan Shippou Leaders Association, where acted as a director for 5 years.
Her works are exhibited at Shippou Leaders Association Exhibition, Modern Industrial Arts Kangawa Exhibition and others.

After getting married, joined her family owned water gate manufacturing company. While inspecting the manufacturing process, started to ponder over effective usage of stainless steel end cuts. From the experience of Shippou craft, the idea of creating designed items from stainless steel end cuts flashed into her mind and founded D-ecrudesign in 2011.

Made all the process from designing to manufacturing from scratch, established “D-ecru polissage©”. This sustainable and unique method of combining hand & machine polishing has been applied for trademark registration.

Cutting out originally designed see-through patterns from stainless steel plate, and create in a dimensional form by hand craft. Yayoi offers stainless steel products with elegance, thanks to ”D-ecru polissage©” method.


Cheering up everyday life with handcraft elegance

D-ecrudesign works with established premium department stores, table decoration exhibitions, as well as collaborates with artists, tableware brands to propose handcraft elegance into daily life.


Develops pet items, since pets are also important members of the family.


Creates cutlery and trays on an OEM basis for M.STYLE, a brand of tableware for professionals conducted by Miyazaki Shokki. These items are exhibited at Ambiente 2023.


Afternoon tea items starts to be used on-premises such as Anniversaire Café Omotesando, Estacion Café at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.


Develops seasonal table decoration display at Cleanup showroom in Osaka, one of the biggest stainless steel kitchen brands in Japan.


Regularly exhibits at Tableware Festival Exhibition.


Promotes table decoration ideas in collaboration with culinary specialists, sugar art artists.


pop up stores, events, permanent stores in established department stores such as Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Shinjuku Isetan, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Umeda Hankyu.